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Hate / Love

by Bennu is a Heron

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Intro 00:48
谎言如瘟疫 掩盖天空和大地 你对我说 也对你说 你相信了 我也相信 谎言是真理 记录在每本书里 你对我说 也对你说 你相信了 我不相信 去怀疑 去呼吁 去反抗 去拨乱 一切都是徒劳
暗夜流明 01:57
Anxiety intertwined with fear From a muddy path The outstretched hand Is the infinite universe Warmth in the hottest hell The price to get there is death I have been eroded by the cold unconscious Rush to there without reason A crisis that cannot be overcame The teardrop that cannot be stopped Like the darkness of the deep sea So hold tight my hand As you through the mountains To save me from the abyss A match in the dark
光风带着霁月 良辰应有美景 恨啊 泪啊 最后还是会散去 I need you more than anything in my life I want you more than anything in my life I'll miss you more than anyone in my life I love you more than anyone in my life 如果花在黎明前绽放 请赶在落日前凋谢吧 如果人是哭着诞生 那就笑着走吧 丑恶的起 美满的终 难过由天赋予 人用爱弥补 一地破碎被遗忘的痛
森林半岛 01:44
倒下 绝望笑着 残喘 幸存站着 美丽 灿烂没了 赐予我空气 赐予我粮食 赐予我诗意 赐予我时光 岛上满住着爱与希冀 随着太阳落下 都将幻灭 是生命 是歌者 是死了
深海少女 02:02
游弋 摇曳 你是起风的沙 你是飘烟的雨 甜的 也是你 涩的 也是你 珍珠 也是你 泡沫 也是你 游弋 摇曳 你是催情的盐 你是如梦的幻
所谓苍鹭 02:30
Not for the first or the last time I take a deep breath of happiness And I think how unlikely it is that death is a hole in the ground How improbable that ascension is not possible Though everything seems so inert so nailed
您还好吗 我梦见您啦 只有声音 却真实得让我哭啊 您在天上吶 一声不坑 走啦 我们的告解 还没开始啊 我恨您 也敬爱您 我敬爱您 却也恨您 这是用爱和恨浇灌出的花
The Lovesong 02:43
The first time I saw you It was a beautiful spring The flowers were born quickly Like your smile sweetie You are the flower Next time I saw your face In the hottest summer The sun shone on my face I felt peaceful and warm You are the sun We started to date in a park That was a cool autumn The apple was blown off by the wind Your face looks red by the heartbeat You are the apple You never said that you love me I thought you were as cold as winter When you hold me every night I knew that the fire is not extinguished You are the fire I hope to give everything to you My loneliness My weakness My emptiness My darkness In the vast world, it’s like a light and shadow shuttle Divine love from your palm If love makes the world collapse Then I am looking forward to the landslide Destroy, destroy it With a desperate belief The moonlight of the long stream of water is not as enjoyable as the volcanic bursts When the magma is sprayed into the sky Take my hand Standing in the deepest valley of the world Be the first and the second to enter heaven You are my flower You are my sun You are my apple You are my fire




released October 10, 2020

Bennu is a Heron
Vocal - Jinbo
Guitars - Sam & Joe
Bass - Gao
Drums - Chal

Drums recorded by 叉烧 at Hex Studio
Vocals recorded by Sam at Sunnyheart / Aoyin / Hex Studio
Guitar & Bass recorded by BiaH at Triple C Ink
Backing Vocals by BiaH / Siugat / Warsaw
Mixed & Mastered by Brian Wong
Cover Photo by 牛肉
Band Photo by Kosma
Graphic Design by Joe

Co-release by
Qiii Snacks Records, Guangzhou
22 Records, Taiwan (22-017)
Ungulates, Japan (UNGL-005)


all rights reserved



Qiii Snacks Records Guangzhou, China

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